Personal Development Plan

This week I have prepared my personal development plan to share with you. I must caution that this is a work in progress and so I am likely to refine this in the future. Careerwise I have three interests, Human Resource, Systems, and training. My plan involves gaining more experience in these areas using four initiatives.

Initiatives and rational

What Why When
Formal Education – workshop in administering and configuring the SuccessFactor HRMIS To play my role in the achievement of my employer’s strategic goal I would like to enroll in a series of workshop or short courses on how to administer and configure our human resource information system. June 2017
Job rotation While formal education will provide me with the knowledge to function in the role of administrator, I will also need to gain applicable experience in the role. For this reason, I would like to spend a few months functioning in the capacity of the administrator. This approach will provide two benefits for the company 1) there will be continuous support even when the administrator is out of office 2) there will be a ready successor in the event the administrator opts to leave the company. August 2017
Temporary assignment – Unionized environment I have worked in both a factory and corporate setting. However, as I seek to strengthen my HR skills and aim to be a more rounded practitioner, I would like the opportunity to work in an unionized environment. The intention is to work with the negotiating team from the beginning of the process to completion. This assignment would clarify the process and build experience with negotiations in an unionized environment. Dec 2017
Special project Completing a Masters in Instructional Design prepares me to take on the task as an Instructional Designer. I would like to apply the knowledge I have gained to the design of my SBUs annual FSMS course. I would gain practical experience at the same time providing a cost effective, consistent, high interactivity course that can be offered on demand to the expected participants. March 2018


I have also prepared a presentation for a fictional company that is grappling with high turnover. While they pay high salaries and provide some training for their employees, they lack a comprehensive development program. Please see the video below.


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