Transitioning to Blended Learning

The prevalence of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and learners needs have resulted in an increased demand for blended learning approached in all areas of education. With more organizations considering the inclusion of more technology in their traditional program, there is a need for a guide to aid that transition. This guide will provide useful resources and checklist to aid with the transition from face to face to blended learning. My guide will take the ADDIE approach to course design, download the guide for further information.


To get you started with blending technology in your course, here is a video from Otis College that explains how they blend technology in their classes.


Download my guide: Transitioning to Blended Learning – Guide


Additional resources

Here are some more resources that can help you to transition from face to face to blended learning

The ADDIE Model

Transition from Tradition: 9 Tips for successfully moving your face-to-face course online

Resources for Instructors

Developing a communication plan


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